Ways to handle the extra door knob

By Kelsey Makings

For most, a door knob means nothing more than a way to enter or exit a room.  But who says they must stay attached to the means of access?  A jiggling doorknob may be replaced with a more aesthetically pleasing version, but its versatile purpose can carry on throughout the home.  It just takes a little thinking outside the door.

–       Handle the clothes and accessories: The floor is no longer the largest closet in the house with this creative organizer.  Simply attach door knobs to a wall using an anchor.  The mimicked hooks can store hats, coats and scarves, and may be used in the laundry room, garage or front entry.  Attaching smaller ones in the closet is an effective way to hang jewelry, while mounting them in the bathroom is a nice way to hang towels and robes.


–       Handle the curtains: Jazz up the standard curtain rod by attaching complimentary door knobs with metal-to-metal glue or by welding elegant glass versions to the rod.


–       Handle the keys: Never lose those keys again by arranging a nice display of door knobs near the entrance of your home.  Mount a few on a painted wooden board to hook your keys, purse, backpacks or other accessories.


–       Handle the furniture and décor: With a little creativity, old door knobs can give existing furniture a new, fun flare.  Hang your favorite mirror by mounting two knobs on the wall, fastening ribbon to the back of the mirror and then tying two bows which then hook onto the knobs.  Heavy knobs will make a good bookend in the office or as a paperweight on a desk.


–     Handle the wine: Create your own decorative wine stopper by attaching a small glass door knob to the cork, or by welding the handle to a metal wine stopper for a more permanent piece.  Use this creative idea as a gift for family and friends, or as a conversation piece during gatherings.


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