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Posts Tagged ‘sleep’

By Melissa StewartZZZs with Ease: Sleep Naturally

For most of us, getting those recommended eight hours of sleep is difficult. Because of our active lifestyles, most will settle for a few hours a night. But skimping on Z’s has physical and cerebral implications, and it is imperative to our health to get adequate sleep.

Nancy Teeter RD, a registered dietitian nutritionist, spoke to us about the importance of getting enough sleep, and also about getting that sleep naturally.

“There’s a lot of need to really have adequate sleep,” Teeter said. “Sleep is when our physical restoration occurs. When we get less than six hours of sleep just on a single night, the following day the brain has rewired to send us [seeking] foods that we might consider comfort food.”

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May 15, 2014 6:30 am