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Posts Tagged ‘organic pizza ratings’

It’s all about the ZA this month as our green couple takes on the toppings and tastes of organic pizza.

Whole Foods Take & Bake “Pepperoni”
Natural, organic or local ingredients, no artificial ingredients.

She said: This pizza tasted great! The crust, cheese, sauce, and especially the slightly spicy pepperoni – which were humongous, by the way – blended perfectly. Unfortunately, this 12-inch pizza was so thin and light on sauce that you’d have to arm-wrestle me to share any of it. For 10 bucks, that’s a bit pricey for a meal for one.

4 stars

He said:  Whole Foods’ pizza was an outstandingly average pizza. They had a good thing going with the crispy thin crust and the deli pepperoni, but the entire pie was devoid of spices. By the end, I felt like I was eating something made by Chef Boyardee.

3 stars

March 16, 2012 9:53 am