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Posts Tagged ‘Local First Arizona’

By Sara Weber

Local First AZ encourages consumers to "go local" and support local business owners.

Local First AZ encourages consumers to “go local” and support local business owners.

Think back on your weekly shopping trips, restaurant visits and errand stops. How many of those were at a locally owned business?

Whether your answer was all, some or none, Local First Arizona wants you to participate in Arizona’s 10th Annual Independents Week. The organization is encouraging consumers to challenge themselves and shop exclusively local from June 27 to July 5 as a way of supporting small businesses in the state. Read more

June 26, 2015 6:30 am

By Kathy Maguire, reposted with permission from

There are networking events, and then there are worthwhile networking events. Last week I attended a schmoozing cocktail affair and left after the first half hour. It just wasn’t my scene.

The next day, Dorie Morales, a friend and publisher of Green Living magazine, called and invited me to another networking event that evening. “I know you’ll love this. Local First Arizona is one of my favorite organizations,” she said, in response to my grumbling about my experience the night before.

Dorie was convincing, and I decided to give it a try. And I’m so glad I did!

Walking into the huge warehouse-type structure in the heart of the arts district in downtown Phoenix, I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. But it wasn’t long before I was warmly welcomed by Local First volunteers and given the rundown on the evening’s affair. The night’s event space, monOrchid, is a 14,0000-square-foot building comprised of open exhibition space, office pods, and two world-class photo cycloramas. A tour of the space was quite impressive.

I wasn’t there very long before I became engaged in conversation with several interesting entrepreneurs. I must say, the energy and excitement of the Local First attendees was absolutely contagious. I also wasn’t there very long before I decided that Local First is an organization that I’d like to join.

Local First Arizona is a non-profit organization working to strengthen communities and local economies through growing, supporting, and celebrating locally owned businesses throughout the state. They educate consumers, business leaders, and policymakers about the significant economic, civic, and cultural benefits of strong local economies.

An interesting educational tidbit from Local First’s website is that for every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $73 remains in the local economy and $27 leaves. For every $100 spent at a non-locally owned business, $43 remains in the local economy and $57 leaves.


Click here for more information on Local First Arizona.


As a REALTOR® with DPR Realty, Kathy Maguire specializes in residential real estate in the Phoenix Valley. She holds NAR’s Green and EcoBroker® designations and is committed to helping her clients evaluate the costs and benefits of green building features and practices, listing and marketing green homes and buildings, educating discussing homeowners on the financial grants and incentives available, and helping consumers see a property’s green potential., 602-418-4565

November 13, 2014 11:56 am


The Metro Phoenix area continues to expand, causing more mileage on cars, more infrastructure for utilities, and more housing developments to be built year after year.

Studies show that car-dependent cities have been hit hardest by the current economic crisis. Home values, in particular, have dropped most significantly in cities that suffer from urban sprawl. In addition, a recent Gallup Poll of college graduates showed that the next generation of educated professionals is looking for urban, not suburban, lifestyle opportunities. So where does that position Phoenix in the never-ending battle to attract large, quality companies with higher-wage jobs? Read more

February 6, 2013 10:54 am

What is your role with Local First Arizona and the Local First Arizona Foundation?

I’m the Executive Director of both Local First Arizona and the Local First Arizona Foundation.  Local First Arizona provides a means for people to better connect with locally owned businesses.  Another Local First Arizona mission is to help people understand that we have been “buying ourselves broke.”  Our society seems to have a never-ending thirst for cheap goods manufactured far, far away – which is economically and environmentally impossible to sustain and hurts local businesses. Read more

February 11, 2011 4:51 pm