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Last Hunger Season by Roger ThurowYour eyes are bigger than your stomach because for lunch you ordered a sandwich, salad, a side dish and drink at the local deli. About halfway through the meal, you feel stuffed- you wad up the meal, slurp the rest of your drink, and throw the rest away. Excessive food waste – not many think about it while they are tossing extra food in the trash or “super-sizing” their meal – but this novel might make you think twice – The Last Hunger Season by Roger Thurow.

Andrew Youn is a man with seemingly unlimited energy. Journalist Roger Thurow met Youn described as a “skinny, bespectacled… geek from Minnesota” during a snowstorm in Chicago, where Youn told Thurow about the farmers he’d met in Kenya in the early 2000s. Youn explained that Kenya’s use of ancient farming traditions led to wanjala (hunger time) and starvation because of a lack of access to modern methods of planting.

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August 30, 2012 3:58 pm

By Barbi Walker

Sustainable wines – what are they and why should I care if my cab, merlot or pinot came from a sustainable winery?

Chris Benziger from the Benziger Family Winery in Glen Ellen, California, explains that when you drink a wine, you are “tasting a destination.”   Read more

January 1, 2011 9:25 pm