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If you think of golf and yoga simultaneously, you’ll probably imagine Bill Murray in Caddyshack explaining how, after a round of golf, the Dalai Lama promised him total enlightenment on his deathbed.  But golf and yoga just don’t seem like natural companions, unless of course you actually do both – then you will quickly learn a secret: yoga makes one a better golfer.

Yes, that’s right, the downward swing gets better if downward dog shows up frequently in your workouts.

Avid golfers will attest that their back and shoulders need to be loose to hit the ball, but flexibility and strength are equally important.  Dr. Steven Wood, who has been golfing for 25 years, said, “Yoga has strengthened both my physical and mental balance, adding confidence and distance to every shot I hit – not all shots are great, but now more of them are closer to where I planned.”

Yoga is about improving flexibility, strength and balance, but yoga’s golfing benefits go even further.  Yoga quiets the mind, teaches one to block out distractions and improve focus.  Golf needs all of the above.

As I was researching this story, the benefits of yoga to golf became undeniably clear.  I am surprised most golfers don’t practice yoga to improve their golf game.  Even some golf terminology sounds like it came straight from a yoga class. Read more

June 1, 2011 8:48 pm