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New Standards for Gluten-Free Foods


Gluten-free diets have gained a lot of attention in the past year and, like any diet fad, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to tell what is healthy, and who is trying to get a piece of the $1.56 billion and growing market. New certification programs are now setting the industry standard for gluten-free products to help consumers make educated choices.

If you have gone out to eat, visited a grocery store or frequented a foodie blog lately, you probably have come across the buzzword “gluten-free.” Gluten-free restaurants are popping up virtually overnight. Menus are expanding to include special gluten-free dishes. Foods that never had gluten to start with now boast their message on their labels. Like many health crazes, the success of a gluten-free lifestyle is largely based on disciplined dietary principles and consumers’ need to feel safe when they purchase products claiming to be “gluten-free.” Unfortunately it’s not always the case. Read more

April 23, 2012 9:10 am