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GinaMurphy Darlingby Kevin Brady

Mrs. Gina Murphy-Darling, otherwise known as Mrs. Green, is the very definition of an inspiring role model. The goal of her website and live radio talk show, which airs on Saturdays at noon MST, is to create a community of people who care about our planet. Mrs. Green shares new and exciting information about technology, energy, automobiles, healthy living and more by hosting guest speakers and informing the listening community of simple tips that everyone can use on a daily basis to live green and in balance.  The Tucson-based Mrs. Green recently took some time to tell us about the inspiring world she’s building, one listener at a time.

During a trip to the Amazon several years ago, Mrs. Green began to fully realize the extent of the devastation to the rainforest and wildlife, as well as the impact our society’s pollution has on the rest of civilization. She knew that she had to do something about all of the pollution and waste destroying our planet. When she came back to Arizona, she asked herself and her peers, “How do we better this situation?” Since then, she has been working around the clock to help answer that question.

After that trip, everything about Mrs. Gina Murphy-Darling’s lifestyle changed in order to reduce waste and improve sustainability. Her family now shops locally and has an understanding of why it is so important to support local businesses, particularly the ones that hold environmental sustainability high on the priority list. Read more

Posted by greenlivingaz

Reduce Wasteby Emily Doan

The topic of waste is not one we should take lightly. We already know that there are local initiatives in place to help our state and communities as a whole reduce the amount of waste we create. But we can also make individual strides toward waste reduction every single day. If we all do our part, these little efforts can have huge collective results.

1. Get into a sustainable hobby, such as quilting or sewing. You can make something entirely new with fabric from old clothing or blankets to reduce the need for new products and prevent old materials from ending up in landfills.

2. Are you really deep green? If so, consider using cloth toilet paper. The cloth wipes can be washed in any load of laundry that doesn’t include dishcloths or kitchen towels. The practice is 100 percent safe, sanitary and sustainable when
done right. Read more

Posted by greenlivingaz

Okra Marigold

Sunil Bhindi

This sautéed okra recipe from Marigold Maison is chock full of Indian spices and flavors, ensuring a kicked-up side dish to accompany any main entrée.

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Lee and Ray Silverman with son TomScottsdale Celebrates MLK Jr. Living the Dream

On January 14, the Silverman family, including the deceased Ray and Lee and their children Tom, Richard and Carole, along with Frances Burruel were honored at Scottsdale’s 21st Annual MLK Jr. Dinner Celebration. The Silverman family, who recently sold the Chaparral Suites Resort, have used their influence to support the many programs, people and diverse communities present in Arizona. Burruel has dedicated her life to addressing today’s civil rights issues and passionately works to ensure that the less fortunate are provided with opportunities to improve their quality of life.

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by David M. Brown

The increasing quality produced by Arizona vintners is being matched by a commitment to sustainability through conscientious water use and tilling practices, local sourcing, repurposing, recycling and other ecosystem-sensitive tools.

“Every decision we make at Page Springs is heavily weighted in terms of sustainability and impact,” says Jeff Hendricks, vineyard manager at Page Springs Cellars, nestled along the banks of Oak Creek just south of Sedona.  Read more

Posted by greenlivingaz


When I arrived here at Green Living in September of last year, I could not have anticipated my stay being so short. It is with a heavy heart that I have decided February’s issue will be my last. I have enjoyed the opportunity to bring some cool changes to Green Living that I know will be continued on through Dorie, our driven Publisher; Crista, our innovative Creative Director; and Jeffrey, our dedicated Director of Operations.  Read more

Jared DiaciikBy Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott

Meet Jared, a immunosuppressed teenager from northern Arizona. He received a heart transplant at five months old. He is a bright young man with many close friends. But you will not find Jared in school this year. On July 22, 2014, doctors discovered that his chest had been consumed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Prior to Jared’s diagnosis, his mother Lisa had contracted an unknown health condition that caused her to bleed through her skin. Nothing her doctors prescribed helped. Lisa was told that her condition was permanent, and that nothing could be done. Desperate for healing and pain relief, she was turned on to the concept of utilizing food as medicine. Within just a few short months, Lisa had completely healed her condition — the natural way. Perhaps by fate, Jared saw firsthand the benefits of holistic nutrition, and these observations would later change the trajectory of his own life.

After his diagnosis Jared’s body quickly began to deteriorate. Though he was told he had no chance of recovering, a hospital oncologist recommended chemotherapy, and Jared made the decision to pursue it. However, upon receiving chemotherapy, Jared’s physical and emotional states suffered gravely. He had sores covering the inside and outside of his body, and he was in crippling pain. Lisa remembers how much Jared’s personality changed, as anger became a prominent part of his attitude — a vast difference from the boy she knew he really was. Read more