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book review

Book by Anastacia Marx de Salcedo

Review by Terri SchlichenmeyerAuthor: Anastacia Marx de Salcedo

You are hungry. It’s been a long time since you’ve eaten and you’re ready to recruit the family, march to the oven, draft a couple recipes, and attack your plate.

And whatever it is you choose to chow on, you can bet the U.S. military had a hand in it, as you’ll learn in “Combat-Ready Kitchen” by Anastacia Marx de Salcedo.

What’s inside the food you eat? As a “passionate home cook” who devoured cookbooks “like novels,” Marx de Salcedo wondered. With two school-aged children, she naturally wanted to feed them the most nutritious breakfasts and pack them the healthiest lunches possible – but while doing some research, she was handed “an unpleasant surprise.”  Read more


By David Schaller

In recent years, reservoir declines, diminishing rainfall and sinking aquifers in the southwest have elevated concern over future food security for the region. Arizonans are rightly asking what these water shortages might mean for the price and reliability of our everyday food supply.

Today, Arizona grows somewhere around three percent of its food, the balance imported from California, Mexico, and dozens of other fertile spots around the country and world. While much of our Central Arizona Project (CAP) water goes to agriculture, water for agriculture is not the same as water for food crops. Few of us have cotton or alfalfa in our daily diets. Across the state, many are working to produce more food locally, on farms and in gardens. Their aim is to reduce dependency on imports, plus take advantage of a growing number of us who prefer to support small, local farmers and their largely organic offerings. Still, it is going to take time and great effort to raise that three percent number to even five or six percent.

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brussel sprouts

This fun, healthy Brussels sprouts recipe from Lucia Schnitzer, owner of Luci’s Healthy Marketplace, is the perfect fresh and a delicious side dish for Thanksgiving. Paired with candied walnuts, apples and honey, this recipe is sure to wow your friends and family this holiday season. Read more

canalBy Maria Fabiola Portillo

The Phoenix metro area has an expansive canal system, which the Hohokam Indians developed thousands of years ago. The Arizona Forward Canalscape project aims to make Arizona the leader in canals.

The goal of the Canalscape project is to revive the Valley’s canals. Recent efforts include the revamping of the Grand Canal system within the school communities of Brophy, Xavier and Central High, with an interesting group of collaborators that include SRP, the City of Phoenix, Arizona State University and the private sector. Read more

Laura-Tanzer-Phoenix-Fashion-Week-Dan-Tabar-trio2By Megan Goodwin

Last night, Tucson-based sustainable fashion designer Laura Tanzer held a grand opening for her new storefront location, Atelier. Atelier will officially open to the public on November 14th. Read more

By Kianna Gardner

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), American Lung Association and other partners recently announced a plan to combat the amount of lung cancer deaths annually by 3,200 by the year 2020. The alliance, formed by three federal departments and agencies and nine national organizations, is aiming to reduce exposure to radioactive radon gases – the second leading cause of lung cancer in America. The radon reduction plan will be implemented within nearly five million homes, apartments, schools and childcare centers.


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By Marci Zeisel Rosenberg

Around 106 B.C.E., Cicero, the Roman philosopher, lawyer and politician wrote, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues, but the parent of all the others.”

Take a moment. Think about it. Cicero was onto something. How can we feel joy, compassion, forgiveness or love, without gratitude as our guide? Gratitude teaches us that when we live with an attitude of abundance rather than need, we are more joyful. Our capacity for compassion is stronger because we have enough in our lives to share with others. We forgive because our hearts are full. And we love because they are open.

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