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Laura Tanzer

By Michelle Talsma Everson

Phoenix Fashion Week takes place October 1-3 but the excitement around emerging eco-friendly designs has the fashion community buzzing all year round.

“Phoenix Fashion Week’s mindset and high bar expectation is why we believe designers from around the globe seek us out to showcase their collections on our runway every October, including green brands like Beltshazzar, Laura Tanzer and Cute Like Mad,” said Brian Hill, executive director for Phoenix Fashion Week. “We know that is why national brands want to align with the Phoenix Fashion Week brand. In real time, we are watching the tide turn. Arizona is rapidly moving fashion forward and the spotlight, more than ever, is now on green, sustainable fashion brands.” Read more

By Kianna Gardner

parks and rec picIt’s officially Fall, which means Arizonans statewide are breathing a sigh of relief as we see temperatures finally dip below the 100-degree mark. In celebration, the City of Chandler Parks and Recreation Division is kicking off the season by encouraging everyone to spend a day at the park this Friday for National Visit a Park Day.

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coffeeAs the temperatures finally cool down in the Valley, our October issue focuses on relaxation and rejuvenation. Wind down with our sustainable spas roundup on page 4 and take in the soothing scents of fall with our delicious pumpkin recipes on page 42.

This month we’re also featuring a roundup of local sustainable breweries; an inspirational story from a Valley breast cancer survivor; two great nonprofit events happening in November from Stardust Building Supplies and SNIFF; the history of Phoenix canals; the importance of sleep for overall health and wellness; and much more!

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By Pamela Portwood

Apple Day 1Students at Borton Magnet Elementary School in Tucson spent last Saturday morning painting big numbers and letters around garden beds planted with native milk thistles that to the uneducated eye could have been mistaken for the weeds that their parents were pulling up across the school courtyard. The Borton students, parents, teachers and volunteers were just a few of the hundreds of thousands of community volunteers across the globe who were working to make their local schools healthier and more productive places to learn as part of the annual Green Apple Day of Service on Sept. 26.

According to Molly Reed, a teacher at Borton who organized the school’s Green Apple Day, the milk thistle project will allow the students to record the number of monarch butterflies that visit the plants and lay their eggs there. The virtues of participating in the international Green Apple Day event go beyond expanding the school’s science curriculum and beautifying the school’s campus. As Reed said, “We have a strong community, and when we assign a day (for the Green Apple event), they like coming out and being part of a larger community by supporting our community.” Parents will even text her when they can’t make it to Green Apple Day and will drop off snacks instead.

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Posted by greenlivingaz

By William Janhonen

Anyone who desires to build a green home or improve their existing home to above-standard code levels wants to know: is the expense and effort worth it? The simple answer is YES. However, the path to the simple answer is not so easy to navigate.

Scenario One: An appraiser walks into a home carrying a clipboard and tape measure. The usual notes are made – three bedrooms, two and one-half baths, central air conditioning, good condition, one acre with an attached garage. The next stop is City Hall to pull the tax card, get the built date, and verify taxes and ownership. Then there are comparisons to verify the latest sales in the same neighborhood before making contact with the lender, seller and buyer.

Green Home

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By Stephanie Funk

The aphorism “it takes a village” was first invoked by Chancellor Rufus Glasper at Maricopa County Community College District’s (MCCCD) Sustainability Symposium last Friday, and after that, the words became the unofficial theme of the event.
Pandora Thomas

The purpose of the Sustainability Symposium was to highlight the Maricopa Community Colleges’ efforts towards sustainability – and there was a lot of good to report. Many of the colleges now have education programs in Sustainability, which are transferable to Arizona State University. Directors take a “One Maricopa” approach to solutions in areas such as waste management, energy conservation and water conservation. Community partnerships are helping to form solutions in other areas, also. For example, ASU’s Sustainable Cities Network is helping MCCCD solve transportation problems.

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By David M. Brown

Who’s barbecuing at noon on a Saturday in mid-September?

While watching an SEC football game two years ago, I walked outside to see which of my neighbors was having a backyard football soirée. None seemed to be, but the odor intensified. I sniffed it to the laundry room and, through the open trap door, saw flames spitting out. A blaze in the garage attic was spreading like a wind-blown grass fire!

WP17 RickCarter_9570-001Adrenaline pumped, but fortunately, so did good sense. I called 911 and manually opened the garage door. Standing on the other side of the garage was a man I’d never seen: my guardian angel, I remember. “What can I do?” he asked. We pushed my car, a cherished restored 1987 Buick Grand National, out to the street. From the home, on my request, he retrieved Haylie, my Border collie/German pointer. His job done, the angel disappeared; I never saw him again.

Mesa Fire responded in fewer than two minutes. Gilbert Fire followed less than a minute after. The fire teams split: One group extinguished the flames, stabbing holes through the roof; another group moved all of the furnishings, artwork and other home elements to the opposite side of the home. Because of this, I lost little that was valuable to me. Haylie jumped into the Mesa fire superintendent’s air-conditioned truck and didn’t move for more than an hour.

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