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By Ryan Hixson


U.S. Route 66, Mother Road, Will Rogers Highway, or Main Street of America. Whichever name you choose, Route 66 is one of the most iconic original highways of the U.S. highway system. Route 66, established in 1926, originally ran from Chicago, Ill., to Santa Monica, Calif., crossing through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and of course, Arizona. This dusty road has seen its fair share of vehicles. Model T’s trucked along the road, packed station wagons hauled their cargo of families to California and Corvettes peeled out along old Route 66. Countless Harleys have traversed the cracked pavement alongside shag-carpeted Volkswagen buses. Now, the Arizona Office of Tourism (AOT) has launched a new tour to add a modern twist to the generations of automobiles that have cruised down Route 66, the electric vehicle.

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By Kelli Vu

Tucson StreetcarWith the new installment of the Tucson Streetcar now in operation, about 100,000 people who are living and working within half a mile of its route now have an easier and faster way of moving around central Tucson. Streetcar team member Kenna Smith said, “The Streetcar will help connect all of these different districts by bringing 4th Avenue, downtown Tucson and the University of Arizona together.”

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By Crista Alvey

Habits for Happiness by Green LivingThe Dalai Lama said, “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” And why shouldn’t we pursue happiness? Not only does it feel good, it’s good for us. Positive emotions have been found to reduce the risk of heart disease by 50%. Happy people live longer and have better health. They are also more successful. When we’re positive, our brains are more motivated, engaged, creative, energetic, resilient, and productive.

And the good news is we can control a good amount of our happiness. Although 60% of our happiness is determined by our genes (50%) and our environment (10%), the remaining 40% is up to us: the daily activities and conscious choices we make. So our actions really can make a difference.

So take a few minutes to reflect on six habits that have been scientifically proven to make people happier, and make the decision to add one or more of them to your daily routine. You’ll be happy you did. Read more

Thrift Store Divas

Photos and content by Tina Franco

Thrift stores, secondhand shops and vintage boutiques continue to open new locations throughout Arizona, offering an opportunity for savvy shoppers to experience the thrill of the fabulous find while feeling good about being eco-conscious. We asked the women featured here to share some of their favorite outfits with us and to explain why they choose to shop the gently used market. Read more

Posted by greenlivingaz

Editor's NoteThis is farewell.

When I took this job as Green Living’s editor-in-chief more than a year ago, I had no idea what to expect. The depth and breadth of the world of sustainability and eco-conscious living here in Arizona continues to amaze me. To say I learned a lot would be a gross understatement. What I have experienced is truly transformative. There is a robust community of intelligent, generous, passionate souls who are committed to better living and a better planet, not just for themselves, but for everyone. I have had the pleasure of meeting many people who are effecting change. I will forever be appreciative to all who are working for the good of our community and our planet. Thank you for your insight, your contributions and all that you do.

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By Anton G. Camarota, PhD Get Ready for  the Solar  Revolution

Something very important happened in 2013 that you may not have noticed: the price of electricity from solar rooftop cells dropped to the point where in most locations worldwide it is equal to the price of electricity from the power grid. For homeowners, this means that the cost of electricity from the sun is the same as the cost of electricity from your local power company. When we factor in tax incentives and installation rebates, the price of solar power in many locations today is actually less than grid-supplied power.

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Here in the Southwest, we go to great lengths to keep from melting into the pavement during these long summers. One way to cool off is to keep our freezers stocked with tasty frozen treats, especially fruit bars. We found a few frosty delights that are totally worth the brain freeze.

Julie’s Organic Pure Delight | Organic Mandarin Sorbet BarsOrganic Mandarin Sorbet Bars

He said:  I expect sorbet to be icy like frozen juice, but these were not. Julie made a surprisingly smooth frozen treat that’s easy to eat. It had a very tart, orange flavor that made me do the lemon squints at least once while I was eating it. P.S. Julie, if you are reading this—a mandarin Creamsicle would be amazing.

He gave it: ★★★★

She said:  These melted faster than you can say “sorbet,” so push through the brain freeze and eat up! The smooth, soft texture was nice, but the bitter orange aftertaste was not so “smooth.” I hate to say it—more sugar!

She gave it: ★★★

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