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By Jill Bernstein

Just over a year ago, Keep Arizona Beautiful (KAZB) surveyed affiliate members in 35 rural cities across the state to identify the top environmental challenges they faced. While there are many issues that all communities must address, the number one most pressing issue that they identified was illegal dumping.

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By Roxanne Bowers


Arizona Forward is an organization dedicated to environmental conservation in our state. Supporting teachers in educating the next generation on the importance of environmental stability is the next step. Arizona Forward is hosting the 11th annual Earthfest Educators Night, celebrating the efforts of Arizona teachers and their commitment to educating young students on the importance of conserving Arizona’s natural resources. Green Living magazine is proud to be a supporter of the event.

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SNIFFby Gretchen Pahia

The implementation of a sustainable spay and neuter program is one of the best and most effective ways of addressing the overpopulation of dogs and cats across the Valley. While not everyone can afford the costs associated with spay and neuter, there are programs available and organizations working to help the situation. Read more


By Stephanie Funk

The weather is starting to cool down in the valley, which means it’s the perfect time to bring home some new additions for your garden. If you are itching to get your hands dirty, Dig It Urban Gardens + Nursery in Downtown Phoenix is now open for business.

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By Stephanie Funk

For crafting buffs, Pinterest addicts, and diehard DIY-ers, Stardust Building Supplies is something like a candy shop. The three 25,000-square-foot warehouse locations in Mesa, Phoenix and Glendale house an array of used, usable and reduced-priced building materials (from cabinets and appliances to fixtures and finishes) and have their own loyal customer bases.

“It’s easy to become addicted,” said Stardust board member Jessica Hill. Marketing Coordinator Kate Fulton agrees. “We have customers who admittedly say they come here three times a week because we get donations pretty much daily,” she said. “Our customers who shop with us a lot know the best days to come.”Salvage this

Stardust is out to do more than just engage the crafting community or even just to save people money. They are on a mission to make reusing
exciting, accessible and easy – and to save the planet while they’re at it.

In a study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is estimated that more than 160 million tons of construction and demolition debris end up in U.S. landfills every year, and about 75 percent of that waste is usable. Stardust Building Supplies provides an outlet to keep usable building materials out of the landfill, diverting more than two million pounds just last year. Their free (and lickety-split) deconstruction service makes it a no-brainer for people to donate housewares after a remodel – and all donations are tax deductible. Read more

Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival
By Lauren Griffin

Green Living Magazine is proud to be a sponsor of the 5th annual Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival! The event will take place on Sunday, October 18 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Held at the YWCA, located at 525 N. Bonita Ave., the festival will showcase the qualities of a sustainable desert lifestyle. Families are welcome to join the festivities and admission and parking is free.

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Posted by greenlivingaz


By Dr. Michael Breus

You probably pay a lot of attention to how you care for yourself, your family, and your environment. You strive to make thoughtful choices about what you eat and how you treat your body and your surroundings. But how much attention do you give to your sleep? If the answer is “not enough,” you’re not alone. So often, sleep is overlooked as a critical component of health and wellness – even among people who spend their waking lives taking very good care of themselves when it comes to diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

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