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Colorful Chicken Coop

by Steve Carr

Saturday, November 8

Adult tickets
$20 in advance and $30 the day of the event

Youth tickets
$10 for children 11-15 years old
Children under 10 accompanied by an adult ticket holder are free.

Complete information is available at

Say the words “home tour” and your first thought probably isn’t of chickens pecking their way around a backyard coop.

But chicken coops are homes, too, and Valley residents practicing sustainable living in the Southwest desert put as much time, care and creative thinking into building and maintaining them as some people do with their own homes.

That’s what makes Valley Permaculture Alliance’s (VPA) sixth annual Tour de Coops on Saturday, Nov. 8, the Valley’s most unique home tour. The event is VPA’s signature fundraiser and features up to 25 of the most unique and funky chicken coops in Arizona. On this self-guided tour, visitors are exposed to a range of coop designs, chicken-keeping secrets, responsible ownership practices, sustainable living concepts and creativity in the Valley.

Each coop selected for the tour has been vetted by a selection committee to ensure appropriate zoning and permitting, responsible ownership, safety for both animals and the touring public, design elements and healthy chickens. Coop owners will be on hand to share their methods and experience, as well as to answer questions.

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hemp infographic


“Education is the only way to overcome ignorance, and ignorance is the only thing holding the hemp revolution back.”
~Rowan Robinson from The Hemp Manifesto

Before marijuana was banned in 1937, hemp – its non-psychoactive relative – was widely considered one of the most profitable, versatile and functional crops on the planet. The Great Pyramids of Giza were constructed using hemp. Columbus journeyed to the New World on a boat waving hemp sails. The very document on which our country was founded, the Declaration of Independence, was drafted on hemp paper!

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A&E Recycled Granite

Tucson residents may not yet be familiar with A&E Recycled Granite LLC, as it has only been open for just nine months. However, this creative and eco-conscious company is going to be in attendance at some of the Old Pueblo’s most popular sustainable home shows and events, ensuring everyone will soon know who they are and what they do.

Looking for a sneak peek? Ok, we’ll divulge. Julie Olauson, owner and marketing and sales guru for this multigenerational family owned business, says, “We divert remnant slab material and turn it into outdoor fire pits, facades or barbecue islands, split stones, fireplaces or backsplashes.” The company does not use any resin or chemicals and they can proudly say that since they only use 100 percent scrap from the countertop fabrication industry, their products are the only 100 percent recycled stone tiles and pavers on the market. The company also features the Revive Elements collection that uses smaller pieces of scrap materials to create ice stones, refurbished cabinet pulls and marble cutting boards.

If you’re in the market for recycled granite, A&E will be one of about 15 green companies featured at the Green Living Booth at the SAHBA Fall Home and Garden Show at TCC starting today, October 17, through Sunday, October 19. A&E’s Revive Elements Collection will be on display at Solana Outdoor Living’s booth over the weekend. A&E will also have a presence at the Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival on October 26, which will be held at the YMCA on Bonita Ave.

A&E Recycled Granite
1660 S. Research Loop, Ste. 110
Tucson, AZ 85710
(520) 885-8970

Angela and Roi PursePurses with Purpose: Angela & Roi

Angela & Roi handbags and purses not only look great, but also tell a story and make a difference. The color of each handbag relates to a different form of cancer, and with every purchase a donation is made to one of 11 nonprofits that work with Angela & Roi. Each bag also comes with a ribbon to show support for activism efforts against cancer. All of Angela & Roi’s handbags are made with animal friendly materials. Prices vary depending on style; purse shown is $65.

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Meatless Monday


Veggie Pizza


“The fact is, most people in the U.S. eat way more meat than is good for them or the planet, but even knowing this, the chances are little that we are all going to become vegetarians, much less vegan, but we can focus on a more plant-based diet and support the farmers who raise their animals humanely and sustainably.”  ~ Mario Batali, award-winning chef, author

Humans have been carnivores for thousands of years, but our levels of consumption and methods for acquiring meat have changed drastically over time. Originally, humans hunted wild animals, and ate meat only occasionally. Today, Americans consume far more than is recommended and far more than the rest of the world. 
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Posted by greenlivingaz

Graphics Fairy Craft

by Molly Cerreta Smith

With the onset of autumn comes all the fun holidays that involve decorating and, well, a lot of waste. So how can we green this month’s spookiest holiday?

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fair trade infographic


Please continue to believe in us. It’s through these Fair Trade flowers that hundreds of families, like mine, continually improve our lives.” ~Elvia Almachi, flower farm worker, Ecuador 

Did you know that October is Fair Trade Month? You’ve likely heard the term “fair trade,” or seen it as a label on coffee or chocolate, but what you may not know is just how important those words are in the grand scheme of today’s globalized world. Fair trade means providing just wages, decent working conditions, fewer middlemen, environmentally sustainable solutions, women empowerment, and fair terms of trade to farmers and artisans in developing countries. A portion of all proceeds from certified fair trade commodities are invested back into the communities they come from, leading to improvements in healthcare, education and much more. This worldwide movement puts social and environmental standards in place to protect workers and the earth, proving that successful businesses can also put people and the planet first. 

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