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2387 Photo by Spencer PlumbBy Hunter Kossodo

Who knew that the quality of a beer is tied directly to the health of the forests in northern Arizona? SanTan Brewing Company does, which is why they have partnered with Crescent Crown Distributing and the National Forest Foundation (NFF)  to make sure they keep the quality of their award-winning ales.

The From Tap to the Top campaign (or Tap to Top for short), which will launch during the upcoming Arizona Beer Week, will help support the Northern Arizona Forest Fund – which restores the National Forests in that part of the state – to provide clean water to valley residents and businesses.

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AZ Strong Beer Fest 15-FR-8

By Gretchen Pahia

Arizona Beer Week is one of the busiest and most fun weeks across the Valley. Grab your mugs, string up your pretzel necklaces, and get ready for the many tasty events around the state. This year, Arizona Beer Week kicks off on Thursday, February 11 and runs through Saturday, February 20. Beer enthusiasts and the entire food and beverage community are anxiously waiting to see what the participating breweries, restaurants and craft beer retailers have in store for this beer-centric celebration involving over 150 events across the state.

One of the biggest events of the week is the annual Strong Beer Festival. Held Saturday, February 13 at Steele Indian School Park, the crowd-pleasing event will host more than 400 craft beer varieties. Other highlights around town during the week will include a beer and chocolate pairing at Flagstaff’s Lumberyard Brewing Company, a Parti-Gras-type event celebrating The Perch’s second anniversary in Chandler, the 7th Annual Valentine’s Day Cruiser Ride starting at TT’s Roadhouse, a Spelling Bee(r) at Tucson’s Tap and Bottle and the unveiling of the first-ever all-women-brewed beer in Arizona.

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Posted by greenlivingaz

recipe webpost cover

Recipe and image courtesy of Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen

This nutritious chopped salad is a great starter for your Valentine’s Day meal, filled with crunchy macadamia nuts, smooth avocado and sweet corn and topped with tangy Italian dressing. Modify it to your liking!

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Webpost cover heart article

By Dr. Jeannine Hinds

The health of your heart determines the health of your entire body. You should guard it with your life. Many believe that coronary heart disease only affects men, but 49 percent of heart attacks occur in women. In fact, heart disease is the number-one killer of women, taking one in three lives each year.

Do you know your numbers – your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and body mass index (BMI)? Now is the perfect time to schedule an annual visit with your primary care physician. Charting your blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, waist measurement and BMI over time can help keep your heart health in check and help you progress toward your health goals.

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By Elizabeth Hoffman

Ben & Jerry’s goes non-dairy?! Well, not exactly, they still have your favorite milk-based ice cream. However, they partnered up with Vegan Action, a nonprofit organization that fights to decrease environmental impacts, animal suffering, and helps improve human health. Vegan Action has verified that Ben & Jerry’s new non-dairy ice cream does not include any animal products, such as: eggs, honey, or milk. Instead, they used almond milk to create their newest creations that are certified vegan and non-GMO.

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Definitely use this one bc the article is mainly about her wrist pain

By Shana Bell

We all know that we can help the environment through choices we make. One of the “greenest” choices I’ve ever made for my body was to heal a disease through Thai massage instead of surgery.

The American medical industry is grossly wasteful. According to the nonprofit organization Practice Greenhealth, which helps medical practices to be environmentally friendly, hospitals create a whopping 25.1 pounds of waste per overnight patient in a single day, and much of that waste is biohazardous and hazardous. Practice Greenhealth reports that between 20 and 30 percent of the waste that hospitals generate comes from the operating room.

I was within weeks of being in an operating room as a patient one year ago, but Thai massage saved me from surgery. It all started in 2014 when I was diagnosed with Kienbock’s disease.

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webpost cover

By David M. Brown

Looking for a sweet accessory for your home this Valentine’s Day? Charm your someone special with a customized space for two. Sweetwater Bungalows and Cabanas in Truckee, California, offers temporary shelters as alternatives to a tiny house, yurt or wall tent. They have many personal and commercial backyard uses, including as a romantic getaway during this amorous month.

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